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Category: Chargers/Adapter

Adapter and charger are two different things. An adapter does not have any charging function. It only converts the voltage of one kind of electricity to another.

If your phone has no adapter, you can buy a universal adapter which will work on all countries. But if your phone has a specific model, you can use a country specific adapter.

If your phone has a universal adapter, then you don't need to worry about the voltage difference between the countries. The adapter will automatically adjust itself.

But if your phone has no adapter or you want to be sure that the voltage is right for your country, you should get a country specific adapter. This way you won't waste money on useless adapters.
What is an Adapter?
Adapters are devices that allow us to connect our electronic devices to other electronic devices. They are also called converters or transformers.

An adapter is a device that allows us to connect our electronic device to another electronic device. For example, an adapter can convert a USB cable into a power cord. Or it can convert the voltage of one type of electrical outlet to another.

The first thing you need to know before buying an adapter is that there are two types:

Adapter with built in converter
Adapter without built in converter

What is a Charger ?
A charger is a device that provides electricity to recharge batteries. A charger may have its own battery or it could charge from wall socket.

Charging from wall socket is more convenient than having a separate battery. However, you must remember that when you use a wall socket charger, you cannot use your mobile phone at the same time. You must turn off your mobile phone while using a wall socket charger.

Charging from a battery is more convenient. You do not have to carry around a separate battery. And you can use your mobile phone at anytime.

However, you must remember that you cannot use your mobile at the same time as using a battery. You must turn off the mobile phone while using a battery.

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