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Category: Mouse

The computer mouse has become a common tool for navigating through the Internet. It allows us to click on links or buttons without having to touch our keyboards.

A computer mouse is a device that enables you to move a cursor around the screen using two buttons. This helps you navigate websites and other programs on your computer. The most popular type of mouse today is called a "clicker" because you can use one hand to hold it while moving the cursor with the other. You can also buy mice that have wheels instead of buttons, so they are easier to control when you're typing at a keyboard.

A mouse consists of three main parts: the bottom part, which contains the buttons; the middle part, which holds the ball (or trackball) and moves up and down as you move the mouse; and the top part, where the cord connects to the computer.

There are two Types of Mouse which are wired and Wireless .

Wired Mouse is connected by cable to the computer. Wired mice are usually more expensive than wireless mice.

Wireless Mouse uses radio waves to communicate with the computer. A wireless mouse requires no cables, but its range is limited. Some models come with rechargeable batteries, so you don't need to worry about running out of power.

Common Features of Mouse :-

There are 2 types of mouse :-

Clicker mouse - this is used for general purpose. It has only two buttons.

Wheel mouse - this is used mainly for gaming. It has a wheel in the center.

Both the mice have 3 basic functions:-

Scrolling - Moving the mouse scrolls the page up or down.

Clicking - clicking the button on the mouse will select an item on the web page.

Right click - right clicking the mouse will bring up a menu from which you can choose options.

Most modern mice have an adjustable scroll wheel. If you want to adjust the scrolling speed, just turn the wheel until you find the speed you like best.

Most mice have a lighted button. When you press the button, the light goes off. But if you keep pressing the button, the light comes back on again.

Many mice have a special feature called double click. Double clicking the mouse will open a new window in your browser.

Some mice have a special function called scroll lock. With scroll lock enabled, you can scroll the page even though the mouse isn't pressed down.

Most mice have a switch to disable the mouse's left and right clicks. Turning this switch off disables both left and right clicks.

Most mice have a button to enable them to be moved easily over a table surface.

Most mice have a battery compartment. To replace the battery, remove the cover and slide the battery out.

Most mice have a reset button. Pressing this button resets all settings to their factory defaults.

Most mice have a tilt sensor. Tilt sensors detect how much pressure you apply to the mouse pad. They let you know whether you've tilted the mouse too far forward or backward.

Most mice have a DPI setting.

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