BLON X HBB Z300 10mm Silicone Diaphragm In Ear Monitor, HiFi IEM

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Product Features

Collaboration with HBB, an experienced audio enthusiast and content creator.

Features a state-of-the-art 10mm silicone diaphragm for superior audio performance.

Dragon-inspired design with a durable 18K gold-plated zinc alloy shell.

Includes a detachable 4-core high-purity copper cable for exceptional clarity and transparency.

A Collaboration project between BLON with Legendary audio reviewer HBB

As an experienced audio enthusiast and content creator, HBB has brought his expertise and creativity to this project, and the result is a truly unique product that reflects his passion for high-quality sound and design. This collaboration between BLON and HBB is a true testament to our commitment to excellence in audio and design, and we are honored to work with such a talented and passionate partner.

10mm Silicone Diaphragm

Featuring a state-of-the-art 10mm silicone diaphragm, BLON Z300 is ensured with superior audio performance. The diaphragm's unique composition allows it to deliver clear and natural sound that is both accurate and dynamic.

Meanwhile, it is engineered to be both rigid and flexible at the same time, with a balance between stiffness and pliability that produces sound with incredible accuracy and detail. It strikes the perfect balance between crispness and power, delivering an authentic and nuanced sound that captures every detail from the highs to the lows.

Dancing with Dragons-BLON Z300

BLON Z300 is a fusion of high-performance audio and cutting-edge aesthetics.The dragon is an iconic symbol of nobility, and this newly launched in ear monitor embodies that spirit with their bold and immersive sound. Elevate your music experience to new heights with the "Dancing with Dragons" headphones. BLON Z300 is a true embodiment of power, style, and sophistication. Make it a part of your collection today!

Durable Zinc Alloy Shell

Crafted with 18K gold-plated Zinc alloy, these earphones are as durable as they are stylish. The intricate dragon motif, combined with sharp angles, creates a modern and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. The gold plating adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the design.

Detachable 4-core High Purity Copper Cable

Constructed with premium materials, these headphones are built to last. The four-strand braided high-purity copper wire provides exceptional clarity and transparency, ensuring that every note is heard with absolute precision. More than that, detachable feature make it easy to replace with your preferred cable, more possibilities and fun.

Technical Details




10mm Silicone diaphragm






Gold (with 18K gold-plated case); Matte blue (with spray-painting case)


3.5mm 4-core high purity copper cable (no microphone version)/3.5mm silver-plated cable (microphone version, with single button)


0.78mm 2-pin



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